Office of The President

The President is elected annually by the majority of stockholder votes and is entrusted to design our company growth strategies.The function of the President’s Office is to envision our company future, structure strategic alliances, and assist executive management in preparation and execution of the strategy and the business plans.

The power and authority of the President is subject to the provisions of applicable laws and stockholder resolutions.

A stockholder may vote to elect the President either in person, by proxy executed in writing by the stockholder or by his/her duly authorized attorney-in-fact, or by an electronic ballot from which it can be determined that the ballot was authorized by a stockholder or proxy holder. The term, validity and enforceability of any proxy is determined in accordance with the Florida Business Corporation Act. Any election by stockholders is determined by a plurality of the votes cast.


Sergey Gurin, President, Founder

Maxim Temnikov, Vice President


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