As populations continue to grow, economies expand and societies develop, the world demands increasingly more of better machinery, efficient utilities and eco-friendly living.

As we progress growing within our sectors, we continue the challenge to find new helpful technologies and then transform these technologies into useful, high-quality, reliable products.

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Challenge: Clean Air
Millions of factories and vehicles pollute air, having people inhale several toxic substances. The toxic air damages lungs, and, in many cases leads to respiratory problems, asthma, cancer, and, sometimes, premature death. Children are at the increased level of risk because they breathe at a faster rate than adults do. Carbon dioxide slowly turns oceans into acid, creating serious environmental concern for every living organism on Earth. We seek new technologies reducing harmful effect on environment.

Challenge: Fuel Efficient Engines
The world needs more efficient engines to power transportation, construction, agriculture, and other essential areas of human life where a machinery is used. As we continue strengthening the manufacturing of fuel efficient engines, we test more and more advanced technologies that relate to reducing fuel consumption and improving heat transfer. We also look into novel engine designs and use of alternative engine components that would allow reducing an engine production cost.

Challenge: Affordable Energy Sources
In order to achieve social and economic prosperity, people must have the access to inexpensive and reliable energy. Electrifying rural areas presents unique challenges for many developing countries. Remote rural homes are often impractical to connect to the grid. Solar, wind, natural gas and hydro generated power may provide the energy necessary to support a living. We are searching for the technologies that would help to generate clean energy less expensive, more reliable, and easier to install.


Challenge: Fossil and Bio-Fuel Production
Oil is and will remain the most affordable source of mobile energy to power transportation for the next 30 years. We seek innovations that would provide for efficient use of fossil fuels, and the technologies that would allow a stable and cost-efficient production process for both: fossil and bio fuels. We also test novelties (including managerial solutions) that would allow producing fossil and bio fuels with lesser energy consumption.

Challenge: Power Generators
Considering that over 1.4 billion people worldwide lack simple access to electricity, expanding the use of mobile energy sources is essential to reduce poverty and hunger, and improve quality of basic human necessities such as for example healthcare, transportation, and living accommodations. We seek advanced manufacturing methods and better components to make generators smaller in size. We also look for technologies which would allow generation of energy using alternative energy sources.