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Innovation is about taking a risk to do what no one has ever done before.

We scan the globe for pioneering technologies with high potential to yield strategic and financial value for our customers, partners, and the society.

While we love succeeding over tough challenges of innovation, we only work with technologies that screen through the complex criteria, which pretty much focus on one point: How we can use the technology to fix what’s wrong and multiply what’s good, so we can improve the quality of life and make our world a better place to live. We consider our screening methodology proprietary and keep it confidential as our recipe for success.

After we find a technology that could strengthen our core operations and lead our partners and customers to new strategic opportunities, we usually merge it under the Helpful Technologies umbrella and join its development team into our think-tank.

United, we use the power of our extensive network to help entrepreneurs realize their visions. Together we grow stronger and faster.

If you are interested to discuss how your technology can benefit the world within our sectors of engagement, please contact us via email.