Committed to bring positive change to the world, our projects contribute to improving quality of life through cutting-edge innovations related to energy sector, from efficient production of energy to effective energy use.

Fuecotech develops, designs, and markets engine components that reduce fuel consumption and decrease emission of greenhouse gases. Based on its proprietary technologies, our engineers develops products for trucks and buses, off-road machinery, railroad locomotives, sea vessels, aircraft, and stationary power generators.
The name Fuecotech is an acronym for “Fuel Combustion Technologies”.

Power Plus takes a diesel generator of any brand and makes it more fuel efficient and eco-friendly. Although our focus is on the power-plants over 1 mW, we can upgrade generators ranging from 100 kW and up. Power [+] also develops solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) generators for on-site power generation in the range from 2kW to 10kW. Our  generators drive fuel savings to their operators and reduce greenhouse effect on environment.

Tarsand Energy is developing the economically efficient methods to extract oil from bitumen [tar] sands. Although we focus on Canadian oilfields, our innovations may be adapted to mining bitumen sands anywhere in the world.  These innovations will enable tar oil companies to increase profits while reducing harmful impact on the environment.


Fasta is focused on developing novel foundation and wall systems and methods of their assembly. We use novel building materials that enable construction of energy-efficient building shells under $25 per square foot. We dream of the world where everyone would be able to build their own home like a Lego toy. The name “fasta” is an acronym for “Foam and Steel Technology Associates”.