The economic growth, quality of life, and overall prosperity of the society depend on its ability to create and maintain manufacturing jobs. Product manufacturing creates a foundation for rational cooperation, thus fostering world’s peace through international trade. At Helpful Technologies, we engineer a better world through five principal criteria:

Better world” means happier people, healthier food, cleaner and less stressful environment, more powerful, rational and friendly government, and wealthier heritage for the generations to come.

Engineering” means pioneering improvement focused on solving the world’s major problems in a sustainable manner and harmony among the business goals, society, and the environment.

Product” means the rational outcome of organized effort that fosters the dynamic growth of an enterprise via empowering the customers’ success.


Quality” means a degree of excellence one can achieve by minimizing the negative and maximizing the positive effects on the society.

Success” means steady progress towards the definite goals for the benefit of all parties involved.


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